Tuesday, July 29, 2008

shake rattle and roll balls

New needlefelted fun for your kitty cats from Suzees JubileeZ. This will preview in the summer craft fairs and go on line soon at etsy. What do you think? The inner pouch has a jingle bell which rattlesand the second layer is filled with catnip. And the texture will grab more catnip if the inner cat nip wears out. Whats not to love?!


TBC said...

Wow, if I was a cat I'd go bonkers over these. Beautiful photo too! Better make a ton, these will rock & roll. :-)

Walk in the Woods said...

I love them! And I imagine any self-respecting cat (as if there's any other kind) would too!

fuzzbuzz said...

Very fancy little balls! I bet my kitties would be all over these, theres nothing funnier than cats geting farout on catnip! ;D