Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Miss Periwinkle and the Zapps

Alphonso presents Beauticia with long stemmed roses. Antoinette is anxious to get on with her Air ship expeditions but its clear that Beauticia will remain at home with her brother. Antoinette is hoping to find her mother Athena Zapp who she last saw with the Radical Woman's Discovery Society to Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland (1915) for a routine exploration. (Perkins also wrote the Yellow Wallpaper) Sadly, Athena and her fellow activists chose to stay there rather than sit through the post feminist movement and what Cassandra Grumbaugh (seer of the movement) predicted the hawkish Bushwhack regime with its false nods to womankind and the tragic dummying down of girls and boys into cannon fodder with its "no child left behind act." A public school program that frowns on original thought and supports rote learning and order taking amongst the less privileged families who can not afford prep school. This left Antoinette to fly The Zapp's airship back alone and her generation of women to fight this difficult battle with out the benefit of their foremothers at their sides.
On her last trip with her future sister in law she had a vision which she believed would lead her back to Herland. In the Morning Antoinette began a most magical steam punk adventure. The journal of her travels is catologued periodically in the Etsy treasuries as well as in Antoinette's journals.

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