Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hi there. This is sort of a rambling journally muse as I haven't checked in for a while. Wednesday was crazy busy. My son had a last minute doctor's appointment. We stopped to visit an old friend that I have known since I was ten and she was the elementary school librarian for a minute on the way back. That minute turned into a pleasurable hour. She is one of the most delightful people I know with the greatest stories. I had plans to deliver some dolls for a dark carnival window display and had a terrific time chatting and working on doll stands all afternoon. After that great experience, I came home mowed the lawn, prepared dinner and checked the computer for buys in my store and other signs of life. I ran into a couple of brick walls, mostly because I think I am running myself ragged to deal with the frustration of my partners' terminal illness. Perhaps what would be a minor branch across the path could be at times too much to deal with in the preparation for this great loss. I suppose this oversensitiveness is just natural. So I have decided to take a break from more frustrating areas in my life just for a week or so and focus on more rewarding pursuits.

Projects are afoot. Steering clear of the mundane, but necessary, Suzees JubileeZ next event will be a demo at Blue Moose in Richmond on Friday July, 25 9:30 a.m. in preparation for a needlefelted sachet workshop there on August 20th. I also have a little book project on Shorty and Jack and the the Anatomy of Catnip Cats ( I am still frantically creating tons of cats for two upcoming craft shows one on August 2). Poking little cats it quite therapeutic, the rythym provides a meditative quality.Ohm.

Today I just chilled mostly and went to Pemaquid after running a few errands. Claire was exhausted after the trip, but she did eat a whole lobstah and had strawberry short cake for supper. I enjoy watching her savor all her favorites these days. The air quality is going to be even worse tomorrow so we shall see how that goes for her. I did get 6 cats polished off today and I made this Pirate Clown Beau Beau Periwinkle earlier in the week for the "dark but not too dark" circus. Beau Beau is Beauticia's brother who ran away to the circus at a young age.


Jes said...

So sorry to hear that this weather is getting her down! big *hugs*

Jon took me to pemaquid on our first real "date". We sat on the rocks and made out! HAHAHAHA...hoe's that for romance?

TOTAL bummer about this Friday, as Richmond is just down the road from me, and I would have showed up and surprised you! BUT...we are off to a friend's camp on Friday!

Will you be set up at Pemaquid during the lobstah boat races?

SuzeesJubileeZ said...

I dont think so. Claire is too sick and I get coverage when I do trainings and workshops now. Her sisters will come if I am busy like that otherwise its me and my sons when they are around. Maybe this new med will help.I will be in Woolwich for the fair there on August 2.