Sunday, August 24, 2008

edna in the garden

edna in the garden, originally uploaded by suzeesjubileez.

Here is a picture of Edna getting ready for a garden karaoke party! Shea has been practising her rendition of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. Edna is very out going as you may recall from the previous post. She is a wire armature doll with nifty lavender boots. She is bound to show up in my etsy store sooner rather than later.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sachet dolls, wire armature dolls, non armature dolls

I make three different types of needle felted dolls. Dolls with out armatures are usually small like the little pup and dragon in my etsy shop. I also make dolls with wire armatures which are generally 7-12 inches tall like the dolls in the band, Pirate Tom, the Zapps and the Mermish Herald and sachet dolls which have a pouch full of herbs like my catnip cats, Henrick, Hildy and Dave and the lavender sachet fairies. Strictly speaking wire armature dolls take much longer to make than the sachet dolls. They are more flexible and more solid, but one should not flex them too much. Wire armature dolls are solid felt and will hold their form where as over time the herbal stuffing may settle some what in the sachets which may add to their charm.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mungo Mango's Immor(T)als Break Up Contest

In September 2008, the brief collaboration of the Immor(T)als will be coming to a close. The individual band members will be seeking personal contracts via etsy. THEY WILL APPEAR ON ETSY INDIVIDUALLY FOR ONE MONTH then they will review their options.

Pictured individually above: Fat Eddy, the drummer, Stella Zine, the vocalist, Mungo Mango on lead guitar and Liz Ardine on bass. For more information on band members please reveiw archives of this blog.

Here's the contest: Comment on which band member you think should leave first and why. The top most expanded rationals will be put in an extra bonus drawing. Both drawings will take place September 19th. The prizes will be a choice of hand made and festive article such as a needle felted wand or sachet or a small pinata or a 25 % discount in my etsy shop . If you refer people to the contest have them drop your name and an extra name tag will be in the general pool for you, increasing your chances. Thanks for participating have fun and good luck!

Monday, August 11, 2008

How many days until Christmas

santa side, originally uploaded by suzeesjubileez.

It took three days to make this Santa needle felted on a wire armature
I am thinking I'd like to set him in a boat delivering a christmas tree along the coast of Maine. Should I buy a boat? Make one of paper mache? Needlefelting a boat seems tricky. I might be able to wet felt a boat.