Saturday, January 3, 2009

Road trip Christmas 08

singing the blues, originally uploaded by suzeesjubileez.

Karaoke can be done anywhere but we happened to be staying in a hotel in Cypress, Texas just west of Houston where they happened to have a fun karaoke night next door at Henry Hudson's pub. The KJ didn't have a list like most karaoke jocks. He said he had anything and everything. He seemed to have a few tunes I hadn't seen at other karaoke nights.
We were on the road in a U haul from Austin TX to Fall River MA. I especially enjoyed Louisville KY where we did some touristy stuff. Checking out the Ohio Falls museum and several art galleries including the very cool 21c hotel and contemporary art museum. Not to mention The World of Swirl/Paradise Cafe.


Martha said...

Suzee - you look as if you are having a wonderful time.

Susan Tuttle said...

lovin' the karaoke!! - you are sooo into it!! Bravo!

it was great to meet you at Borders -- the etsy Maine team rocks!