Thursday, May 8, 2008

The NYC Philly caper part 2

The ceilings at the 30th St. Station in Philadelphia seem to have a new coat of paint. Gold leaf and maroon-ish color squares surrounded by a neutral color though now I can't remember if it was cream or gray. I really enjoyed the angel statue dedicated to the railroad workers. Its a roomy and well laid out station with those old fashioned wooden benches. Renee met us around 11 p.m. and we went to her place in West Philly, a lovely neighborhood of town houses with large porches and little gardens. One of her roommates, Jessie is an artist and has a gallery in the town house. The place is in a bit of disrepair and kind of messy but not too bad. Your typical communal living arrangement of twenty somethings with 7 bedrooms on the three upper floors, two baths and three community rooms, not counting the porch.
It was wonderful to see her, but after all the walking in central park my knee was acting up going up and down stairs. She seems to be very happy with her life in Philadelphia and has some fun roommates. We did a mini tour in the morning, saw city hall, but really didn't have enough time to see much else before we caught the train north.
Eric thought that I was bringing a Philly cheese steak sandwich to Claire but I just brought it for lunch on the train. We were delighted that we could see some of the Philadelphia zoo from the train as we left town. Eric was pleased with the trip and had a commitment to a rapper in western Maine to do the music for his next album. He said it isn't easy to write fast and creepy music but he pulled it off. His music can be found at Never Hundred. Here is the link to Eric's first album Absynthe

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