Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mungo Mango /Mango Chicken

Mungo Mango is the lead guitarist for the Immor(T)als. This unflattering picture was taking before his yoga class. The rest of the Immor(T)als are still evolving and haven't gotten quite as far as Mungo Mango. There is LiZ Odd, Stella Zine, and the drummers so out of it he has forgotten his own name. In the meantime, Mungo is a man of patience and a true nudist. So slackin' about the tree house is cool with him while his costume artist comes up with the details and th rest of the band arrives. Eric sez its a web comic in the making about some kind of trollish death metal band. Mungo sez "No way!"

While you are waiting for the band to evolve try this out on the grill, its a big hit at summer parties:

Susan's Grilled Mango Chicken
I created this based on a ginger mango pork wrap from Federal Spice in Portland, Maine. I have used the sauce on pork chops and pork tender loin as well.
3 to 4 semi frozen boneless chicken breasts

about two cups mango chutney

(buy in the store or create by blending or chopping 3 or 4 mangos with 1 sweet pepper, ginger to taste, 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder, 1/4 cup white vineger and maybe a little tumeric and a bit of clove powder.)

about 1/2 cup of ginger ale

sweet green or red bell peppers 1 or 2

3 hard but ripe good size peaches


How I do it more or less:
Soak bamboo skewers or use stainless skewers
Chop chicken in slices while still semi frozen (I had to do this as a fluke one time and it seems to work out best). Cut peaches into healthy chunks- about 8. Cut peppers big enough to hug the peaches on the skewers. Skewer the meat, peaches and peppers...
I generally frame the slices of chicken with a slice of pepper hugging a chunk of peach then marinate in mango mixture for at least 1/2 hour- if frozen prep in the morning for an afternoon cookout. Grill until done. One of those fancy grilling pans with the holes are helpful if you have one.
Chill out and enjoy.

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