Friday, February 13, 2009

Ten Miles of RIver a Valentine's Story

When I was young I lived in a college town on the rolling Androscoggin River for 3 and a half years which is a very long time for me to have lived in one place. When I got divorced 30 years later I moved back to that area from the mountains in the more rural western part of the state because it was convenient to the three small cities where I would be able to find work and because I still knew people there.

Strategically, I had gotten some free lance work in my field ( research, trainings, and consulting). I was going to many conferences and workshops in order to meet prospective employers. After 14 months I was attending a training workshop. A woman I had met there introduced me to someone who was opening a new company so I gave her my resume. The woman just happened to pass us as she was running errands in the neighborhood.

Things seemed to be unfolding as I had planned. Within a couple of months I had a job at this company. As is my custom I threw the tarot cards. Every love card in the deck came out along with good fortune. It was the happiest spread ever and had nothing to do with work. Hm. I had a friend throw the cards from a different deck and the same thing.

A few months later I found myself falling for some one at work. I started with an appreciation of perspective which was a little different than mine, practical, calm and insightful. Then there were silly things like disappearing dentures and lost keys. We went to lunch, my heart was doing jigs. We looked at my muffler which was falling off and we went to her house which was much closer for wire hangers and tools.

I am falling for a Virgo what is going on here. There was such a striking contrast between us the practical- the creative, the wise- the wild, the neat- the sloppy, the introvert-the extrovert. ….Not too mention a myriad of taboos. While I was getting the tools. I looked at the bookcase which very much reflected my own. We fixed the muffler and talked. Every word was so witty and wise although I can’t remember them I did finally say “you know you have to stop saying this in credibly witty stuff or I am going to have to start flirting with you. “ The response was you better not do that. I apologized. That was the mid November 1998.

With in three days we were dating and by the following Valentine’s day we shared a house. The ten miles of river was the distance between our childhood homes and ten is the amount of years our deep love flowed along that river. We were a very striking couple in that we had the bases covered because of the marvelous way we complimented each other. It was mystifying to some but it worked in the most incredible way. The greatest compliment from my love was that I had given such joy and fun where that had not been any. If that is the most I ever do on this planet I will be satisfied.

In mid November of 2008 my great love crossed over after a long illness at home as desired and several days of me saying that it was time now.


Pamela said...

What a wonderful story Susan!! Thank you for sharing.

AltheaP said...

Suzee, this is a beautiful tribute. I like the idea of a complementary relationship . . . maybe 'cause I'm also an introverted Virgo.

I don't think the holes loved ones leave in our lives when they die ever completely close up, but gradually those gaping holes start to fill in with other things. (There's just no way to say that without sounding trite, is there?)

Laura Bartlett said...

What a sweet story. I'm glad you had such a happy romance. Few people are so lucky.

My name is Julia :-) said...

Oh Suz, this may be the most beautiful thing you've written. I can feel the warmth & love you two will ALWAYS share. Such a sweet & beautiful love story.

Martha said...

Suzee, how beautiful. Both of you were very lucky to have found each other. Hugs.