Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day...Contest Winner

Arg me beauties!Here we have it-We be hoisting the Jolly Roger with Drumsticks at SuzeesJubileez ( Aye ye heard me right Fat Eddy the ragin' undead drummer be the winner by a whales tooth) Heres a picture of the lot of scurvy buccaneers that were feasting to his honor on talk like a pirates eve. Here be the drummer now sporting a captains hat. Ahoy there be a sunny lot of fancy fingered lassies who share in the booty!

Port Periwinkle Freethinkers Press- Celebrity Visits Spicy Scarlett's by the Bay
Hector Charles was delighted to join the noted multi talented artist and free lance columnist, Martha Horman, partaking of the ultimate chocolate therapy- Queen of Sheba chocolate cake yesterday. Hector was amazed to find such a celebrity so far off the beaten track, but soon found that Martha is driven by a joi de vivre that manifests itself in day trips and adventures. Today she was foraging for vintage pieces at our own “Violet’s Magic Portal” and at "A and A Zapp's" purveyors of esoteric artifacts. No Doubt Martha has an exciting new project afoot. Martha runs several shops on etsy, CabArray where she has magnificent and very original jewelry, MarthaHorman where she sells her other other works of art as well as art by the late Jessie Fuchs and AuntMartha a vintage shop. Hector lost track of time as Martha told him about her projects and her experiences as an antique dealer and artist. Martha filled him in on her column and allow him to publish this bit about Mungo Mango’s Immortals (Mungo has ties to the area).
The gossip according to Martha Horman:“Fat Eddie will probably leave first. Let's face it, the man has talent and personality and, even though he may deny it, has been approached by several different people in the entertainment world. There were two movie directors who wanted him in films, although that might not come to much because of a fight they had over him one night at the local "in place to be". (It was not the place to be that night; it was crawling with cops and paparazzi. Fat Eddie had to sneak out the back door to avoid them.) The agent for another band has been trailing him around offering top billing and bucks and unlimited ladies of the evening. Then there's a certain well known enterprise, which shall go nameless here but has two theme parks, one in California and one in Orlando, has talked to him about developing a ride based on his special talents. If he accepted that he would have to travel to publicize the project and there would be tons of endorsements spinning off of that, not to mention the action toys. Rumors are going about that there is also a unknown lady in the background who wants him to quit show biz altogether. Fat Eddie refuses to confirm or deny that which leads me to believe that there is some truth to the rumors. Who she is is a mystery but one source says she is a red-head from Montana that Fat Eddie knew when he was a teenager. If that's true, she might be the gal who was accused, a few years back, of shooting a neighbor's goat when it trampled her zucchini garden. It is a fact that Fat Eddie stood by her and paid for her lawyer. No, I just can't see Fat Eddie sticking around with so many reasons to go.”
Through other sources, Hector learned that several etsy artisans had thought about the bands break up and they were ensured a 15% discount at SuzeesJubileez for sharing there theories over the past month and a half. Winners of the pool, as selected by a band of local pirates ( ARGH) were AdroitJewelers and Folkarttree who have yet to decide what they want. The pirates liked SageMoonstone and threebridgessewingco theories as well and insisted that they be mentioned this may garnish them an extra 5% off at SuzeesJubileez. The discounts are time limited. Suzee plans to applaud every one who participated in the contest by blogging them up more fully at a future date.
Avast may a fair wind steer ye day.

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