Monday, June 9, 2008

Shorty's Catnip Parrot Relief Plan

Shorty and Jack have been friends since Shorty hatched.
This a great thing since Shorty and Jack are working together to save themselves from cats. They are a very sturdy pair of catnip parrots about 3.5 inches tall and would face prolonged torture under feline paws. Shorty was working on his catnip parrot relief plan while Jack courageously dashed off to get poster making material for a rally. Jack believes that there are many catnip parrots at risk. While Jack was out Shorty flew into a panic but after a lot of aimless flying in circles he came up with a plan.
It started with building a relief fund to place catnip parrots in safe houses and evolved into a business. Jack thought it was just so crazy it might work and in fact, it might be a lot safer than a rally in the park.
Shorty thinks if they make 1 -2 inch cats filled with catnip not only will it make a statement but will keep the cats busy. It would also let the public know that violence against catnip parrots is a serious problem. Shorty has sketched out the packaging "Shorty and Jacks Catnip Cats" and called the health food store. Shorty is a great sales rep it turns out. Jack added that it should be noted on the packaging that this product is for the relief of parrots everywhere. Once they get their business off the ground in brick and mortar stores and on Etsy they hope to lay low in a cat free environment. Preferably together, but who knows what the future holds says Jack.
Shorty figures he will get the first run of catnip cats started next week. Jack plans to call the press.

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